Voice Of Women Champions

HRhelpdesk® is passionate about empowering women to help them blossom into the individuals they deserve to be. We help women fight sexual harassment at work places and sensitize them towards the legal options available to them.

In addition to the corporate women workforce, HRhelpdesk® helps women working in rural areas, or unorganized sectors to be aware of their rights so they, too, can live a life of dignity, respect and equality. To this end, we work closely with dynamic women volunteers and NGOs that share our passion and help women live with dignity.

These on-ground soldiers or Voice of Women Champions, as we call them, lend support to our objective of helping women live with dignity. Our Voice of Women Champions are engaged in various projects including the Mahila Bol survey by way of connecting with women and reach out to women across sectors and locations to help them participate in the survey to have their voice heard.

Apart from helping women participate in the survey, our Champions will reach out to these women participants at their doorstep and listen to the experiences they share, so that their voices can help in the formulation of redressal mechanisms. Owing to their background in social work – either solo or attached with an NGO – and their exemplary on-ground activities, Voice of Women Champions are an integral part of our survey mechanism and they overall objective we have of empowering women to live a life of dignity, respect and equality.

Should you wish to be a Voice of Women Champion, do write to us on our email.

Meet our Voice of Women Champions

Dr. J.Vasanthakumari, has been a sexual harassment committee member for numerous organizations including Michelin Tyres Ltd., Equitas Bank, BHEL, Jouve, Ashok Leyland, Amway Factory, and Planys Technologies. Currently, she is a trustee of the INCAD (Institute for Career Development) foundations and has served as counseling skills trainer for Dr. Andal Infertility Clinic, Nellore.

Apart from the various national and local roles, her portfolio of international roles includes presentation of a paper on HRD in an international conference held at San Antonio, Texas, USA during Sept. 2000. She participated as a speaker in an international conference organized by the Association of Women in Communication at Austin, USA, on 15th Sept.2000. She has been invited to speak in many workshops of non-government organisations, working for the empowerment of women and against domestic violence in California and Texas.

Besides, Dr. J Vasanthkumari has presented papers on Violence Against Women & Human Traffic in the international conference, organized by World Youth Assembly in association with UN. She was a panelist in the international conference on Child Marriages in 2016 in Malaysia.

She can be reached on empower@hrhelpdesk.org

As a post graduate sociologist, Ms. Lakshmi has chosen to work in the non-profit sector. She has long-standing 16 years’ hands-on experience in community development programmes, having played different roles at different levels with various organisations. She has met hundreds of women, young girls, and children of underprivileged sections in order to create awareness on the constitutional rights of women and children, to promote alternate livelihoods, and capacity building on social issues.

Ms. Lakshmi has provided support, advice, and education to individuals in an effort to help them understand the unusual challenges around women and girls. These may be access to education, continuing education, never-discussed personal health and hygiene management issues, accepting violence, or self-blame perspectives. She helps them identify gender-based discriminations and neglecting factors in the families and society.

Ms. Lakshmi has initiated programmes to help women and young girls think about their own capacities, needs, human equality, benefits of being skilful, significance of physical and mental strength, economic independence, and saying ‘No’ when required. She has hypothesized and adapted strategies to end risk behaviours. Sensitizing the reporting mechanisms and law enforcement, initiating enabling environment for talking, sharing, freedom to take opportunities to grow, and setting goals for individual development has given her much confidence and strength to work further with more vulnerable sections with new networks in new areas.

She believes that only if we talk about issues that untold stories will come out. It will then be possible to work on appropriate safeguarding solutions.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

A strong supporter of women rights, a writer, dreamer, and a mother of a 7 year old boy, Parul, though a Technical Documentation Specialist by profession has always been inclined towards working and supporting the projects that work for women empowerment. She firmly believes in the following
1. Women must know their rights and be able to access legal systems.
2. Custom, tradition or religious beliefs should never serve to excuse or justify violence against women.
3. Women need to be represented in social, political and economic spheres, giving them a voice in the important spaces and processes.

Parul believes that women must empower each other and she is always up for supporting fellow women.

She can be reached at Parul.mathur@hrhelpdesk.org

Ms. Rita Dey is an expert in social and gender development. Her key skills include social safeguards and vulnerability protection, gender inclusion and mainstreaming, resettlement and rehabilitation of communities arising out of land acquisition and evictees due to climate change and infrastructure development.

Ms. Dey has deep experience in developing livelihood programmes, coordination and project management, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment training and capacity building, social communication and consultations. She has a proven track record in needs assessment, scoping study, participatory consultation, developing innovative participatory methods, vulnerability assessment of adults (specifically women) and children, policy review and development. She has experience working on CSR strategies for private and government run enterprises.

Ms. Dey brings vast industry and cultural experience owing to her work in countries such as Armenia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Vanuatu and Laos. Apart from on-ground work, she has represented India at various conferences in Spain, Cyprus, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.

On the academic front, Ms. Dey did her Master’s in Social Work from Delhi School of Social Work, Delhi University, India in 1993. She then completed Master’s in Development Management from Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines in 1997.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

Advocate Sagina Walyat, has been in practice since 2009 in Punjab & Haryana high court and Delhi high court. She deals in criminal as well as civil matters, having a long standing experience in crime against women and children, she regularly provides services in matters relating to sexual harassment against women in corporates or otherwise. Realising, no nation can develop keeping aside its women and for that safety and dignity of women is a prime concern. Apart from her regular practice she is providing pro bono services in various legal sectors for destitutes.

Pursuing her passion in law she started conducting legal awareness camps at various villages of Punjab and Haryana spreading awareness for women and senior citizens rights and laws, believing that merely representing the victims in court is not enough and providing legal as well as support at ground level is equally necessary. She has initiated numerous programmes at rural level focusing on various issues envisaged as right to education, right to work , rights against sexual harrasment at workplace (targetting small industries in rural area) right to have equal pay for equal work, rights against domestic violence and dowry and mensuration hygiene. She strongly believes mere reading and practicing law wont help the victim.

She has a belief that we don’t have victim friendly society and that is why strong push and well versed knowledge is very important to bring the offender behind bars.

Her zeal to work for people and fight for justice get her in touch with change.org, which is an online international platform. She is always enthusiastic to take up social issues. Hence, started a successful National online campaign to provide adequate bulletproof body armours for defence forces and resultantly, bulletproof jackets orders were placed by the indian government and the first lot of it, also got delivered to the forces.

Apart from working at ground level she is also actively continuing her efforts for legal awareness through her online page. https://www.facebook.com/LawStudentsLawyers/.

In her journey so far, being a local panelist at various platforms she has sensitised women and child laws at every podium and came across number of women whether educated or uneducated , but neither of them are completely aware about their rights and if they are aware then they become the victim of our harrased procedure. Despite having stringent and active laws in favour of women , women still suffer and this is where her work comes to their rescue ; by spreading awareness and becoming voice for those who hesitate to stand for their rights.. She believes this upliftment cannot be achived until and unless a secured atmosphere/space is provided to women and there is alot to achieve on ground level. Taking into consideration these facts, Sagina Walyat pledged to devote her mind, time and life for the upliftment of women.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

With Ph. D. in social psychology, Dr. Savita Jain is positioned as an expert with Central and State Governments in implementing various Missions/Projects including Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission, Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural Livelihoods Mission, and National Rural Health Mission etc. Her contributions are mainly in the areas of women empowerment, gender mainstreaming, social inclusion, and poverty alleviation. As, all these missions involve large number of women staff to implement various programmes, she has rich experience in addressing the issue of sexual harassment at workplace. She has been the chairperson of Internal Complaint Committee of DAY-NRLM in Madhya Pradesh. She has a total of 20+ years of experience in the development sector.
Dr. Jain has expertise in most of the development issues related to women and other vulnerable sections. With good networking and coordination skills, she has contributed in convergence with various Ministries/Mission in favour of women empowerment and their livelihood generation.

She has vast experience of participatory training techniques and has conducted various training programmes on gender sensitization of medical & paramedical staff, women leadership development programme, poverty alleviation, strengthening of community institutions etc. She has planned and implemented projects with urban local bodies, resource organizations, skill training partners, banks, self-help groups, federations, and line departments/Ministries etc.

Being a psychologist, Dr. Jain provides counselling services for family disputes and domestic violence. She tries to resolve the issues through mediation, prevent domestic violence, and provide referral services to the clients. She desires to bring equity in the society through her contributions in government programmes and private sector initiatives.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

Ms. Shampa Batabyal is a development professional from XISS having over 25 years’ experience in development field, with a special emphasis on women’s development. She has worked in reputed NGOs based in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Utter Pradesh that have given her an opportunity to work with different target groups and on diverse thematic areas.

Ms. Batabyal has worked with corporate foundations like Adani Foundation and IL&FS Skills Development Corporation Ltd., which are focused primarily on education, health, and placement-linked skill development of rural youth in various trades. However, she had close working association with women throughout her career, which helped her build capacities to deal with women issues effectively.

Some of her experiences with women groups include completing placement-linked Graduate Employability Program in colleges of Barmer (Girls College & PG College, Barmer, Rajasthan) for IL&FS Skill Development Corporation Ltd. As a freelance consultant in Gujarat and Rajasthan, she worked on capacity building of staff, NGOs, elected representatives and the community on perspective building, personality development, motivation & behaviour change, Panchayati Raj institutions, gender, women empowerment, and water and sanitation.

Ms. Batabyal has also worked on development/micro plans in Gram Panchayat/village under NREGA to support Gram Panchayat for planning and leveraging NREGA effectively for meeting drinking water needs of the poor and the unreached. She has provided consulting services to Samerth Trust for assessment of water and sanitation project.
As a Program Manager with UNNATI, Ahmedabad, Ms. Batabyal provided leadership for implementation of MORD, SIDA, SDC, Ford Foundation and UNDP-supported local self-governance program (rural & urban) for women representatives and CordAid-supported livelihood projects in Rajasthan and Gujarat. She conducted baseline survey, study and impact assessment of all the projects on issues of governance, gender, social inclusion and livelihood.

As Deputy Director, Consumer Unity Trust Society (CUTS, International), Rajasthan, she led the implementation of women empowerment and legal literacy program supported by HIVOS and Macarthur Foundation. She has also worked as District Coordinator, Center for Social Research (Under Ganga Action Plan), UP where she helped with implementation of IGP program for urban slum women supported by DDC, developing skills of the groups and market linkages, establishing backward and forward linkages.
Ms. Batabyal belongs to Ranchi, Jharkhand, but has a cosmopolitan outlook with exposure to different Indian cultures, largely due to the fact that she has lived at various places in India.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

Shilpa is a former journalist based in Mumbai. She is also a researcher and Changemaker. When she is not running around managing her two chimps, she is busy changing the world, making it more inclusive so that her sons get to live in a better world than she found it. Her goal in life is ensure that everyone gets #EqualPay4EqualWork.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

A competent training and development expert with 17 years of domestic and international experience in counseling & psychotherapy, and project management, Ms. Soma Sinha is currently serving as a member of Juvenile Justice Board, Dist.: North 24 Parganas, West Bengal from 22nd December 2015 onward. She handles implementation of development activities as per project proposals consistent with goals & objectives and providing guidance in key child protection issues in the state with sound knowledge of child protection, child & women rights.
Ms. Soma has an exemplary record in enhancing the quality of child and women rights programming. She has experience working as a certified trainer on ‘Sexual Harassment Prevention & Workplace Diversity’ at National Institute of Judicial Sciences, Kolkata. She is an external member of the Internal Compliance Committee and trainer at NOVOTEL, Kolkata Hotel & Residences (a Unit of SPPL Hotels Pvt. Ltd., ACCOR Hotel Group), Adamas International School and University (RICE Group), Kolkata, Hope Kolkata Foundation, and SWISOTEL Rajarhat, Vedic Village, Kolkata.
Ms. Sinha has deep experience in conducting trainings on topics related to child development, positive parenting, barefoot counseling, case management, life skills, sexual health, child rights laws & gender issues.
The notable skills that she brings to the table include training and module development, Child & Women Protection, people management, corporate social responsibility, NGO operations, counseling. She has in-depth working and training knowledge in gender issues and violation of women’s rights.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

Dr. Sridevi Samineni has 14 years of successful experience in teaching diverse group of students with an extensive pool of knowledge. She has a proven track record of handling demanding situations and making students utilize and realize their full potential. She also has 18-months’ research experience as a post-doctoral research fellow.

She has six international and four national publications to her credit. Besides these publications, she has 17 seminar proceedings to her name.

Currently, Dr. Sridevi is pursuing research as a post-doctoral fellow at Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. Her current area of interest is enhancing women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and leadership with special reference to India. She completed PhD in Management from Osmania University, Hyderabad in 2013. Her topic of research was Leadership Competencies for Women Entrepreneurs – A Study with Special Reference to Hyderabad and Rangareddy Districts. She did Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) with specialization in Human Resources from Osmania University in 2006, Master of Commerce from Kakatiya University College, Warangal in 2000, and Bachelor of Commerce from Singareni Women’s College, Kothagudem, Kakatiya University in 1998. She has also completed the certificate Trainer Skills programme from Center for Organization Development (COD), Hyderabad.

As in-charge Director of AMS School of Informatics, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Dr. Sridevi was responsible for overall development of the institution in line with the aims and objectives of the institution. She supervised the functioning of all the academic programs as per the requirement of the university, AICTE and TSCHE. Her other duties included arrangement and supervision of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the overall development of the students & the Institution.

She has also served as Associate Professor at AMS School of Informatics, Osmania University, where she taught Management & Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Compensation Management, Performance Management, Strategic Management, Managerial Economics, Accounts for Management to post graduate students. She has also served as Lecturer at Bharat P.G College for Women, Osmania University, and Swarna Bharathi Institute of Technology and Management, Khammam.

Dr. Sridevi’s visiting assignment includes Lecturer – Accounts for Management & Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, with IITM. Hyderabad. She has delivered a series of lectures to the final year MBA students of National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad on the Topic Entrepreneurship – Small Scale Industries in India; and a lecture on Leadership Strategies for Andhra bank officers at Andhra Bank Staff College, Hyderabad. Apart from these, she has taken sessions on strategic management for MBA students at R.G. Kedia College of Management, Hyderabad, and for MBA students at IITM, Hyderabad on Accounts for Management & Organizational Behavior and Financial Management.

She organized National Conference on Empowerment of women through Leadership & Entrepreneurship on 24th October 2011 with Funding from NABARD & Corporation Bank and was the local observer for exams of Sri Padmavathi Viswa Vidhyalayam (Womens University) Thirupathi. She was the Session Chair during National Conference on Strategic Development Opportunities In Tourism & Hospitality Industry, organised by NITHM and Telangana Tourism Corporation, Hyderabad on 23rd-24th November 2015, and Session Rapporteur during the International Conference on Free Trade – Opportunities & Challenges, organised by AMS Arts & Science College For Women, Hyderabad on 12-14 June 2014.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

Ms. Sweta Nawal is currently working as volunteer with Soulbath Peace Foundation, Bangalore, Karnataka. Prio to this, she was a volunteer at Auroville Consulting (Managing Office Administration) simultaneously doing projects on Marketing & Fundraising. She volunteered for Soulbath Peace Foundation, Bangalore, Karnataka in 2016, where she translated some of the passages of the Book “CORPOritual Values of Living" written by Sri Raj Bhowmik from English to Hindi.

Ms. Nawal has worked as Health Program Associate in one of the Blocks (Jhadol), Seva Mandir, Udaipur, Rajasthan, where apart from administrative and coordination work, she was involved in data collection, training and development of midwives, balshikshaks, and immunization team.

As volunteer at Seva Mandir, Ms Nawal worked on women empowerment, education, and administration apart from conductiong a research on “SHG Formation in Kumbhalgarh Blocks", Rajasthan. She also collected data and conducted a survey for the Health Department in 10 villages about the effect of a particular drug given by the Immunization team of Girwa Block to the pregnant mothers.

Ms. Nawal worked as PS to the director and management, doing back-end administrative work for Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and worked as Jr. Officer (Accounts), in Consumer Product Division (Administrative) for Plethico Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

She has completed Master of Business Administration (MBA) in HR & Marketing from Sharda University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidiyala, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Her key skills include Human Resource outreach, public relations, administration, counseling & convincing, strategy formulation, planning, and decision making. Her most notable achievement is international education exchange programme at American College of Greece.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

Ms. Vinti K. Agarwal holds specialization in economics, finance, and data analytics with almost two decades of experience across academic institutions, professional training organizations and non-government development organizations. She has had long-term professional associations with institutions like Indore Cancer Foundation, Nirma Institute of Management, ICFAI Business School, National Institute of Financial Management (Autonomous entity under the aegis of Ministry of Finance, Government of India), and BBC Media Action (International Charity arm of BBC News).

Ms. Agarwal’s portfolio of contributions to the academic and corporate sector span research, capacity building, and consulting across a wide range of stakeholders and organizations that include nonprofits, private, government, and semi-government institutions. At BBC Media Action, she worked on quantitative research projects that included thematic areas of sanitation and health communications for child and maternal health. Prior to this, she carried out numerous research projects in areas such as usage of private and public health facilities amongst women users, effectiveness of microfinance in empowering women, health financing in India, enrolment, attendance and infrastructure in Indian primary education, and working of central autonomous bodies of Government of India.

Ms Agarwal now works as a research consultant with development organizations while also being actively engaged in teaching in the areas of Finance & Economics, Strategy, Research Methodology, and Analytics. Some of the research projects that she is currently working on include designing, monitoring, and evaluating indicators relating to interventions in early child development, child protection, right to education, and prevention of child marriage. She is well-versed in statistical methodologies, research design, and data visualization.

Ms. Agarwal holds a doctorate in Economics from Meerut University, a Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, and a Master’s in Government Analytics from John Hopkins University. She has several national and international academic publications and conference presentations to her credit. She also actively contributes pro-bono to many research and data analysis initiatives for nonprofits, spiritual organizations, and social organizations. She is a trained spiritual life coach and strongly believes in holistic living and alternate healing.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

Pooja Jain is a keen explorer and learner of Applied Behavioral Sciences. She has been working in the areas of consulting, training & coaching interventions for learning, change & development at individual, team, leadership & organization levels.

In addition to this she is a certified Career Counsellor and has a passion for Career guidance and Coaching. She has been providing personalized career coaching to students, mid-career working professionals and even individuals wanting to return to work after a break based on their interest and aptitude with the help of assessments and psychometric tools.
Her work in the people space has made her inclined towards working for women empowerment and with community for capability building and creating awareness.

She firmly believes that Women need to be more empathetic and supportive of each other and We ourselves are responsible for the way we get treated – to take charge and bring in a positive change for ourselves and for other fellow women in the workplace, at home, in society etc.

Pooja believes that We need to find our voices because silence is not an option. Lastly, she believes that only if we talk about issues that untold stories will come out and only then appropriate safeguarding solutions can be found and applied.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org

Rumy Ghosh has always been inclined towards working for women rights and for their equality in our society.

Professionally she is a human resource professional involved in consulting, and interventions for change and development. She has also started writing recently, and feels it is a powerful medium to bring change.

She believes that women can achieve a lot, if given the right platform. Women should be supported to pursue their dreams and their families play a big role in this. Rumy feels that women had already been suppressed much in the society and it’s high time they break this shackle themselves. Women need to be their own hero.

She can be reached at empower@hrhelpdesk.org