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Traded Myself for my Family
I have read a lot of stories written here, and had participated in the survey also, and was surprised to read that my comment was mentioned verbatim in the detailed report (atleast I assume it was mine).
I think I need to share the entire story, not that anything can happen now, but it may be a guide to many women who have their entire life in front of them, and though I do not wish God to put them in such a situation, but if you do find yourself in such a situation, I would like to say, what I chose is not the best, and I am sure others here can share views of how to have handled this in a different way, better or worse is only for time to tell.
I was working as an administrative executive in a Indian company based in Delhi, it is not big like Tata, but is not small to be ignored, has close to 500 white collar employees and about 3000 blue collar workers. The purpose of telling this is to highlight, that I was one of the thousands in the company, this was in 2006 and my salary was merely 10 K per month. I had 2 kids, 1 and 3 at that time and suddenly I got a call one day that my husband who was working in a large multinational died in a car accident, and since he was not wearing the seat belt, that company could only help by way of getting the life insurance money, which wasn’t too much help as we were in a home loan which had just started about 2 years ago.
I am pregnant, so I'm tactfully forced to resign
I am 6 months pregnant and my husband also works in the same office as i do, though in different department. The company where i work is a small one with about 100 employees in manufacturing. Yesterday i was called into office by my manager and he mentioned that since both of us work in the same office, they will be wanting me to resign and not take maternity leave benefit as many women do not want to join back after maternity break. instead, so that financially we as a family dont suffer, my husband is being given a promotion, which will increase the salary to what we both used to make. I am happy for my husbands promotion, but is this right.
Said no to sexual demands, instead of assistance, I am being told I was doing this for fun
I have been working with a multinational company since 2013, this is the company I joined as a campus placement. I have been doing good over here and have got 2 promotions since the time I joined. In the month of September 2016, we had a new supervisor who joined our team as the previous one resigned and left. The new manager came from an internal transfer and has been with the company for quite some time. From what I understand, he has more than 15 years’ experience and a sizeable one in our company.
During one of the offsite post his joining as our supervisor, there were games which the facilitator was getting all of us to play, according to them, these are management games, which help build a strong team and have positive impact on the company. So, all of us, about 20 of us, 10 of us were women also played. Everything is done in a very professional manner.
During the game, one of the questions was, “who is the smartest person in the room”, and that came to me. I took the name of my manager. This was not out of any feeling or emotion, but just an honest comparison of all present in the room. I then forgot about it, until I was reminded of it very rudely later.
Is being screamed at fine
I have been working in this company for over 1 year now as a junior executive, almost everyday my boss yells at me and I get very scared. He finds out faults in my work which I have to correct, I think that I am not good at learning, but I don't want to loose the job also. in the report I read a lot of women get screamed at in the office, so what I am facing, is there anything wrong in that or is this fine, as I do make mistakes in the work I do.
Compared to another girl, told to be free with men and put make-up
I work in middle east as a Secretary from last 05 years with the same organization. Actually, I don’t have the confidence to search job outside because I am an especially abled individual. I have good knowledge and experience to do my job. I joined this company in 2013, when they started their operations as startup, where processes and structures were not even in place. We are into manpower supply business. I worked very hard to develop process, formats and helped in structuring the internal data as I was the only one managing the administration. As it was all labor related we need to have all details of labor here in middle east. (like civil id , passport , badges etc). I used to work very hard and dedicatedly performed duties as if it was my own company. Everything was working well and my superiors were also very supportive all this while I have handled my office till year 2015, peacefully. My bosses were supportive. After my first delivery when I was in maternity leave they appointed a new secretary. And after that the change started. Actually, in our office I was the only lady staff & a tea girl. Others were men. And you imagine if a girl who is not bothering anyone touching her, and won’t mind exposing herself was replacing me. (I am not blaming her; she was free bird, with open mind). When I came back from my maternity leave, everything was total mess. I didn’t have most of the files in system or in cabinets. Because she thought it as waste. She deleted most of the things (Thank God for giving me 8th sense to take a backup in my flash drive before I went.  She was beautiful than me (I accept). These uneducated men were supporting her for everything she did.
Mocked at my Intellectual Capabilities not because I was an entrepreneur, because I was a women entrepreneur
It was my initial days as an entrepreneur with very less understanding how to begin and where to head. my daughter was 4.5 months old when I begin this journey and started running from one office to other in search of my first breakthrough. It was tough beyond what I had imagined.
I was Harassed and Bullied by my Junior Staff
In early 90’s I was working as a production manager and overall in charge with a leading export house. My boss and other senior management were very supportive and were very appreciative of my contribution and dedication towards my role and responsibility, but sadly there were some junior staff mainly male members from accounts and procurement team could not see me earning good name with the management and were in constant pull push to find faults in my work by some way or the other.
My colleague got Bullied and Harassed by Manager
We were deployed for an IT project at the client site. The person with whom we had to work closely was the one who was responsible for reviewing and reporting about our performance. We were two girls from our company. My colleague was a bit on the darker side in complexion
Always been told not to be doctor because I am a woman
It can never end, I keep pushing myself, go overboard to prove people wrong and those who believe that women are less capable at work or profession they pursue.
Discriminated at workplace by colleagues as well as CEO
It was one of my previous organization that I had worked with. after a tough fight I had to quit and moved on to another organization. Presently running my own business.
Her manager wanted to flirt, when she said no, the world changed
She was a new joiner in the second phase of the project for the IT company we work in. I was working on this project for the last one and a half years. Our reporting manager called both of us to his bay and explained about various things related to the new phase of this key project. Since I had been working on this over a year, I left after understanding the “what’s new” part, however as she was new to the project, she chose to sit down and listened to him in detail so she doesn’t miss any key aspect of the project and can deliver to the best of her abilities in making this a successful assignment.
Discriminated and mocked at for being a Business women
I work with Quality Management Services, a company I co-own with a female colleague. As event planners and managers of corporate events we were given a job on merit to organize a high-profile Conference of 500 people
Someone wanted to flirt, and how another woman colleague saved me the ordeal
I was 23 years old and it was my first job, that too as a teacher. I got the job even before the final result for my post-graduation was declared.
Harassed by previous office colleague
I had recently switched my job and was in the process of clearing the full and final accounts with my previous company. For full and final closure, I was in communication with one of the finance team members and it all got closed smoothly.
I was exploited, given different role on papers than actuals and was underpaid
Harassment and discrimination is more with women as they are vulnerable, it is not that every woman had to face harassment but most of us face it at some time or the other during our work life. Reason being women do not speak up and accept it as their fate. Even if one takes courage to speak up, most of it is attributed to her