Mona Kaura

I was born in a middle-class family to highly educated and relatively broad-minded parents. My schooling was in a co-education environment, and yet the single biggest struggle in my growing up years was to deal with not getting the same degree of freedom as my brother. I was a fighter and would often rebel, when I could not understand the crooked logic.
As my world grew beyond my family and friends, I realized that it wasn’t just my fight, the karma was deeper and the mission was bigger. Congratulations to all the women who have stood their own and kept their promise to celebrate their womanhood, by courageously pursuing their goals.

As I pursued my professional goals, each assignment threw a new challenge presenting me with two options-‘ seize’ or ‘shy-away’, and I always chose seize. I realize that at such times, I spent more time conquering my own thoughts, stereotypes, emotions and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. My own doubts were reflecting in my environment. Today I feel I have grown because of those internal victories, rather than any external rewards. The rewards are bound to come!!!

Doubting your potential is like doubting the Creator. Women are naturally blessed with wisdom, compassion, creativity, courage and perseverance, which people take lifetimes to develop. It is important to recognize our strength and make genuine efforts to add value. Having said that, we do have our limitations and the challenges in our environment are to push us out of our comfort zones, to help us grow and pave way for the future generation.

When in doubt, choose to listen to your internal voice that says, ‘Go ahead, you can do it.’
I will close with my favorite quote: ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going!!!

About Author

Mona Kaura,  CEO Elevating Mindz is a passionate HR professional actively engaged in helping global organisations in transforming talent.

She has over 20 years of HR experience with variety of Industries like Manufacturing, IT & Services, Sourcing & Apparels as a Training consultant, Behavioral Trainer, Competency Development Leader, OD Leader and HR Leader focusing on Talent acquisition, Development, Management & Engagement .

She is certified on world's best behavioral assessment tool- Harrison Assessment Int'l, and facilitates organisations in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Executive Coaching and Talent Development.

She has completed Phase A, in the professional Development program, of “Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Science” (ISABS).   She is an accredited Achievement Motivation trainer, from NIESBUD, and a Certified ‘Predictive Index’ analyst. She is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy (Using Ericksonian Hypnosis), and certified by Lominger International in product suites of ‘Leadership Architect 101’ and ‘Voices 360 Feedback and Coaching’.

Her interventions have helped organizations manage change, raise employee satisfaction and engagement levels, while focusing on aspects such as employee inclusiveness, communication effectiveness, new-hire engagement programs and talent management programs. Her strength lies in developing and executing Organisation Development interventions across organizations and geographies.


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