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Compared to another girl, told to be free with men and put make-up
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women discrimination in the workplace

Key Hostile Behavior faced – Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

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I work in middle east as a Secretary from last 05 years with the same organization. Actually, I don’t have the confidence to search job outside because I am an especially abled individual. I have good knowledge and experience to do my job.

I joined this company in 2013, when they started their operations as startup, where processes and structures were not even in place. We are into manpower supply business. I worked very hard to develop process, formats and helped in structuring the internal data as I was the only one managing the administration. As it was all labor related we need to have all details of labor here in middle east. (like civil id , passport , badges etc). I used to work very hard and dedicatedly performed duties as if it was my own company.

Everything was working well and my superiors were also very supportive all this while I have handled my office till year 2015, peacefully. My bosses were supportive. After my first delivery when I was in maternity leave they appointed a new secretary. And after that the change started. Actually, in our office I was the only lady staff and a tea girl. Others were men. And you imagine if a girl who is not bothering anyone touching her, and won’t mind exposing herself was replacing me. (I am not blaming her; she was free bird, with open mind). When I came back from my maternity leave, everything was total mess. I didn’t have most of the files in system or in cabinets. Because she thought it as waste. She deleted most of the things (Thank God for giving me 8th sense to take a backup in my flash drive before I went.  She was beautiful than me (I accept). These uneducated men were supporting her for everything she did.

Now my superior wants me to join him in coffee shop after office hours, for which I refused. He wanted me to come on Fridays (weekly off) to office (his song is: one quotation need to be sent urgently otherwise we lose that contract) and I refused. His good morning starts at 3.00pm and he expects me to stay after office hours coz its working time for him. He wants me to go to each client office with him for which I refused directly. I clearly told my boss that I can give maximum 09-10 hours to office in a working day not a single minute more. After office hours, I do not bother about rest of the world other than my family.

We have a girl who is fair and beautiful than me, he compares me all the time with her. (Name withheld, you have to be like her, change your dressing style and do some make-up). I feel so uncomfortable to work here. I submitted my resignation.

Just imagine that how you feel that your colleagues stair at you, top to bottom like doing a full body scan without any shame. And they ask me, why I don’t exercise and start advising me to go to gym.

First I used to answer in a polite way. For my boss, I told in a meeting in front of all that in my case I can give only work output nothing else. I am not an entertainer here; I don’t need to impress anyone. If you are not satisfied with my work, terminate me. But they are not ready to terminate because they will not get another one like me. After my resignation submission, which is not yet approved, they asked me to cancel it. My boss offered me salary increment and other facilities. And I rejected it. (I get happywala feeling  seeing them struggling to complete the job…hehehhe)

I don’t know if you can understand it or not, but any views on next steps would really help.

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