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I am pregnant, so I'm tactfully forced to resign
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I am 6 months pregnant and my husband also works in the same office as I do, though in different department. The company where I work is a small one with about 100 employees in manufacturing.

Yesterday I was called into office by my manager and he mentioned that since both of us work in the same office, they will be wanting me to resign and not take maternity leave benefit as many women do not want to join back after maternity break. Instead, so that financially we as a family don’t suffer, my husband is being given a promotion, which will increase his salary to what we both used to make. I am happy for my husband’s promotion. But is this right?

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We must admit, the company has a very manipulative approach. Honestly, what they are doing is purely wrong, and in complete definance to the Maternity Benefit Act. As a suggestion, we believe that your husband should look at finding other roles. If you feel talking to the CEO may help, we think you should, but if you feel, this is CEO’s idea, better leave the company and when you do, please ensure that you file a case in the Labour Courts.

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