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I have been working in this company for over 1 year now as a junior executive, almost everyday my boss yells at me and i get very scared. He finds out faults in my work which i have to correct, i think that i am not good at learning, but i dont want to loose the job also. in the report i read a lot of women get screamed at in the office, so what i am facing, is there anything wrong in that or is this fine, as I do make mistakes in the work i do.

please advise.

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screaming and yelling are not acceptable behaviors, even if the individual is making mistakes. We have to work in a professional manner in a corporate environemnt, and that simply does not hold any place for screaming and yelling. You may be making errors, see if there is a way of telling your boss that screaming only makes me do more mistakes, so you understand how you can address your errors. You need to confront the boss, but given your situation, it would be good if you tell this to some senior lady in the company who can tell the boss to behave in a civil manner.

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