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Mocked at my Intellectual Capabilities not because I was an entrepreneur, because I was a women entrepreneur
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Key Hostile Behavior faced – Discrimination

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It was my initial days as an entrepreneur with very less understanding how to begin and where to head. my daughter was 4.5 months old when I begin this journey and started running from one office to other in search of my first breakthrough. It was tough beyond what I had imagined.

The world was not seeming to be nice any longer to me.

From waiting at the reception for hours together to get questioned at my ability, have experienced bitter truth in very less time. It was all about that chair the individual was assigned at the other side of the table. I was pushed beyond my patience, rather talking on business.

They were more interested in my marital status and who all were involved in financing.

Things doesn’t stop only at this, I mostly happen to meet senior people while pitching for work, they never wanted any association and never gave any work also, but they were the authority and good at making fun during those meetings that too in front of their team members, questioning my business skills, because they were aware I cannot harm them anyway.

But there was constant follow up every six monthly if I am still on it or on the
verge of shutting down my business.

All this was not easy to handle. I never gave up! And kept moving with all the discouragement humiliation, failures by my side, it helped me to further sharpen up my skills and knowledge too. I believe we have some learning from every good/bad experience.

The truth is ugly, there are and will be constant effort from environment, people
circumstances to break you than to make you

There will always be both set of people some may encourage you, appreciate you and some may just discourage you for every little attempt you make. I had my set of experiences and will have many more struggles and high tides too. I still have long way to go but I am glad, the choices I made 7 years back have given me the strength to be able to speak up and share my part with you.

Be more difficult than the difficulties you are in.

Your determination and not to give up attitude sail you though every little hiccup and help you to achieve what you have desired for.

This is your fight and you alone must win it on your terms.

How did it end and Current Status

It is continuous activity, even today I have to deal with people with same attitude and arrogance, but I communicate clearly my agenda and if I feel that people are trying to act funny, I confront and share my unwillingness to commit any professional dealings, clearly on the basis of unprofessional attitude demonstrated by them.
Many at times I end up losing work, but I am at ease that I did not compromised on my ethics and values. Respect yourself before you expect people to respect you.
Suggestion to Readers

Work with determination and complete integrity, there will be many who would question you and your capabilities, you need to keep your focus on your objectives and goals, rest everything will fall in place sooner or later and your smile to people comments would be enough to convey, that you are far better than what they have assumed of you.

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Amarpreet Kaur is a key leader in, she currently advises clients and customers in the area of Performance & Culture, Diversity & Inclusion amongst other areas in the space of Human Resources. She can be reached at

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