Leaves in India

Leaves form an important aspect of an employees life cycle. Whether it be sickness, relaxation, boredom or pure legal requirement, the concept of an employee being on leave is very much a reality and has evolved over time, from being a forced necessity, to being seen as a essential productivity enhancement tool. 
India too has seen the evolution of leaves, from the minimum guarantees, from seeing Saturdays being adjusted as leaves to introducing leaves which are new in concept.

This report talks about how the environment of leaves exists in India, the kinds of leaves being given and the experience that goes around availing those leaves. This report does not talk about holidays (festivals) and compensatory off given in lieu of those. Apart from the leaves talked about in the subsequent slides, few participants also reported being eligible for Marriage, Birthday and Summer break leaves. The data, which was collected by way of an online survey from 22nd September 2019 to 15th October 2019, got 752 qualified responses from a diverse set of individuals spread across various locations in India.