How to be a good recruiter
1. Good listeners and curious learners Ability to understand the requirement, client’s need and candidate’s need is the first thing in recruitment which can be achieved if you are a good listener and then comes learning and understanding about the hiring manger/candidate’s profile/company’s profile 2. Relationship Building: Recruiting is personal so to become a good recruiter you should be prepared to deal with people from a wide range of backgrounds every day and for that you need people skills. You need to be a person who can recognize when a personal connection can be made. Eg- sending personalized emails and building actual relationships makes good recruiters stand out, even when they’re rejecting candidates. Job changes require candidates and clients to share important, and sometimes personal, information to make the search and placement process successful, and they will be more apt to share that information when recruiters have invested time in getting to know them.
The Employer Employee Courtship
For a long time, the tenet of Employer – Employee relationship has been that of stability, security, permanency. Till the Company does well financially, the employer is happy and the employee in return was getting the standard compensation, career elevation and was happy being loyal and receiving a long-term achievement award. Post globalization and with the new age information technology advancement, the stability has given way to rapid changes. Today, the employee and the employer relationship has undergone a sea change. Discussions with some of the CEOs and MDS have led to the belief that employer has to be pro-active and lead from the front when it comes to employee benefits. Employee, in today’s world has many opportunities and they seek the best.
Work from Home
Having observed work from home evolve and get practiced by various industries over the last 20 years, here are a few things, I believe, that work particularly for the Service Sector, each sector has their own aspects to handle, and this one is primarily focused at the Service sector. 1. Create Guidelines, don’t let it be an extended weekend Like an office atmosphere, a set of rules need to be in place to ensure that the professionalism is present. The purpose of the guidelines is to pass on the message that Work from home is not like doing ones office work on a Weekend or a holiday, quite to the contrary, it is more like doing exactly what an office routine is, barring the physical presence (which is substituted by online presence). So to make this workable, have some basics in place like everyone needs to be online between 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, breaks are allowed, but unlike an office situation when smoke or tea breaks are taken, in this situation one takes breaks for to do house hold chores.
Is MeToo really about Sexual Harassment.... I don’t think so
Secretly on the other hand there is a shift taking place, a dangerous shift. Translucent films from conference rooms are being removed, closed door meetings with women are being avoided, travel arrangements aren’t just based on business needs but whether a women is travelling along or not, misconduct underperformance and development discussions aren’t really limited between the manager and the women, they have a third individual too, and there is a talk going around on whether the email data of exited women employees need to be kept in safe custody for an elongated period of time. As I move around talking to senior business leaders it is not uncommon to see the vulnerability the senior leaders feel when interacting women employees. As one individual put it beautifully, even income tax defaults can be reviewed till a certain period of time and then I will have the opportunity to present my case, whereas in cases like these Twitter Justice is instant without any boundaries and the degree of punishment purely dependent on one’s luck. I don’t think MeToo ever wanted this, a wild west situation where everyone is to themselves, where the audience is really interested in the drama and who win the drama rather than who gets justice.
To Ask or Not to Ask
Compassionate and Conscious Negotiation for Women in the World of Work! Anita, fresh out of a business school and only a few months into her first real job, was wondering, "what salary would they have offered to that guy from another campus", as her cup of coffee brewed at the office coffee machine. While she poured her coffee, her co-worker Sheila walked away with a cup of coffee wondering about another question, "I was gone for a few months on maternity leave and they had told me I would get the project lead role…but … now I don't really know!"
Be Aware, Be Safe
Across the world, 114 countries have provisions in place covering sexual harassment in employment, says United Nations Women. India is one of them.
Setting up Business in India – Planning the People Agenda
A key area to focus when setting up business in India is the people agenda. Given that people are people, there are certain unique ways and aspects that need to be kept in mind when planning the people agenda in Indian environment. Mandeep Singh presents a quick review of 10 key aspects.
Top 10 Things to be Done to be the Most Hated Boss
Your success is totally dependent on how you manage the team. Here are a few top reasons which will ensure that you do not become a successful team manager.
The 5 point Agenda – Managing People
Building and managing people requires lot of attributes, these are not only ever changing, but are also evolving with time. Mandeep Singh lists some parameters which run through cultures and teams and are relevant in today’s time and age.
Is Sexual Harassment Hidden? HRhelpdesk Opinion Poll
The Nifty 50 companies reported 523 cases of Sexual Harassment recently in their annual filings. It translates to less than 2% percent women working in these companies.
Stepping Into Being a Boss
How does one bring about change specially when one has been given the task as a Boss. Mandeep Singh lists 7 steps to give you the Boss’s change model.
Controlling Your Professional Destiny
One of the biggest advantages offered in India today are the opportunities to build, manage and mould your professional destiny. With the changes working towards an opportunity market, it is not difficult to achieve the desired professional objectives. How does one go about controlling it?
The Leader in You: 5 Levels of Leadership
In a simple to follow manner, learn the various ways of growing up as a leader.  And how you move from one stage of team management to the other.
Engaging the Work force: Employee Value Proposition & Culture Building
These days, the much talked about phrase “Employee Engagement” has various meanings and narrations to explain what it means. The definitions vary depending on the context they are being used for and to the industry.
Diversity, Climate Change and the Rubix Cube
What is diversity and why is it essential, why are corporations scrambling to get this equation right and why should each one of us who are line managers (irrespective of whether of a small team of an unknown company or a big team of a Fortune 500 company) be focused on enhancing and promoting diversity in our teams by keeping this as one of the Top 3 Priorities for ourselves?
Steps Towards Career Planning
Career is about seeing the change in expectations, seeing the change in the environment and seeing the change in the culture that surrounds an individual in an organization.
Benefiting from Performance Management – The Achievement Cycle
To really benefit from a Performance management system, let us first understand what is it supposed to do and why such a system is required by every organization, whether they be big or small, or they be for profit or not for profit organizations.
Are Women Paid Less Than Men? 26 Percent Say 'Yes'
When we asked 159 Human Resource Professionals across the country about their opinion whether Women get Paid less than Men for the Same Role, 26% said YES.  View this an Invite Only Opinion Poll conducted between 12th to 14th Aug 2017 among a group of HR Professionals and Key Stakeholders in companies.  
How to Choose the Right Company to Join
Mandeep Singh, Partner - Talent & Rewards, explains the critical points for preparation and inquiry before taking the decision to join a company.
Hostile Behaviours: How to Deal With It
Amarpreet Kaur, Partner at, speaks on how one should deal with hostile behaviors and why women need to raise their voice against such behaviors.
Employee Training & Development Program: A Need Not Privilege
If employees are the building blocks of company, skill enhancement is brick and mortar. Skill enhancement is a process rather than product, which requires continuous supply of a training and development program.
Get Your Hiring Right - The Interview Circle
Hiring plays a critical role in your success and not only shapes it up in the present company, but the direction is set for your entire professional future.
Managing Bullying and Harassment at the Workplace
One of the most common and unresolved workplace issues is bullying and harassment. If you do some common study using the internet or business journals, you will find an alarming rate of atleast one in 3 employees who would have either been a victim of bullying and harassment or would have seen a co-worker getting bullied and harassed.
Ethics, Whistleblowers and the Impending Downturn
What I am going to be talking about in this article is, how ethics and whistleblowing are related and just do a little white-boarding on whether we are really staring at another financial downturn.