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Being a part of HRhelpdesk® team requires you to have creativity and the drive to succeed.Our work model and technology support the concept of a purely flexible work atmosphere, allowing you to work from home – part time or full time permanent job. We believe that the place of work has nothing to do with the quality of deliverables and the intellect of individuals. If you too believe that you can deliver quality content by working from home, do drop in your details and we will be happy to connect.

Work Options

Human Resource Consultants

The backbone of HRhelpdesk® is the team of HR consultants that helps deliver quality work to clients in the area of people practice. If you have experience in Human Resources, coupled with the zeal to excel in HR Consulting, whether in training, operations, compensation benchmarking, diversity, or have generalist experience, do fill in the form below, and we will get back to you. Ideally, we are looking for individuals qualified in Human Resources with work exposure to stable and good HR practices.  At the interview stage, we review your contributions to the previous organization and your ability to manage client expectations and deliverables as per our standards.

Business Development

Interested in acquiring clients and adding to the existing list of companies that have experienced quality work delivered from home, you are a professional who can provide the perfect-fit solutions to clients. Besides, you should be able to understand clients requirements, do your cold calls, build relationships, and work with HR consultants to ensure that client expectations are satisfactorily fulfilled by HR consultants.  Your performance is measured not only by the volume of business, but also by clients’ feedback and quality of work. From an experience perspective, you should have exposure to institutional selling or corporate sales. Additionally, you will fit in if you have a passion to build relationships.As for product knowledge, we will provide the required training.