A lot been said on women related issues. Now it is time for call to action. Voice of Women – A Survey on Women at Workplace aims to help every woman who would read this report to make a resolve to change their and the lives of fellow women.

It wasn’t easy for women to share what they have been struggling with and remained silent about. But, many women stood up and with great honesty and sincerity responded to questions. This report is not mere data, but a strong way of putting across the challenges, fears, apprehensions, hopes, ambitions and dreams women have with respect to their careers.

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How women should deal hostile work Environment Any women who feels scared, intimidated, or uncomfortable due to abuse or intimidation by a co-worker, it creates what is called a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment is also referred to as an “offensive/toxic work environment,” or an “abusive work environment.” The individual causing a hostile work environment may be an employee, a supervisor, an owner, or even and independent contractor. Any women experiencing a situation that makes their work environment difficult or unbearable can deal with a hostile work environment by choosing following options depending upon the situation:


The world is far from perfect! There are bound to be challenges & injustice. I strongly believe that we ourselves are responsible for the way we get treated. If you feel weak/strong, portray yourself weak/strong, that is how you will be perceived too & responses/actions/reactions would follow in a similar manner.


I compliment the Voice of Woman survey effort across more than 3000 women at the workplace as its a step in the right direction and not a day too soon. With POSH and Internal Complaints Committees being a legal requirement in all workplaces, the legislation in India today ensures that all workplaces have a secure architecture and guidelines are laid down to deal with cases of harassment, once they get reported. But “once they get reported” is the operative phrase. Harassment at the workplace can take many forms – overt and covert. A touch here, a bad look south of the chin, a slight brush, a slimy remark, a whatsapp joke that is in bad taste – these actions sound familiar and are far more endemic than we think. And the perpetrator can be just anybody. When it’s a senior person, then that is also abuse of power. Sometimes they emanate from a pure lack of character, but equally they emanate from lack of exposure and conscious and unconscious biases that are deep rooted in our psyche.


  • Shikha Rastogi -hostile work environment Management
    Shikha Rastogi
  • aprana - handling abusive comments
    Aparna Sharma
  • Managing Bullying, Harassment, Teasin at Workplace
    Indrani Chakraborty

My Story

Share your experience by writing to us at hrhelpdesk@hrhelpdesk.in so others can learn from it, ask questions to get answers for your issues, give answers to women who are in need. Understand what is happening and be part of the collabarative learning experience by letting others reach out to you and extend their support.

We maintain confidentialty, and together we will wade through any hostile behavior that is hurled upon us.

Traded Myself for my Family

I have read a lot of stories written here, and had participated in the survey also, and was surprised to read that my comment was mentioned verbatim in the detailed report (atleast I assume it was mine).
I think I need to share the entire story, not that anything can happen now, but it may be a guide to many women who have their entire life in front of them, and though I do not wish God to put them in such a situation, but if you do find yourself in such a situation, I would like to say, what I chose is not the best, and I am sure others here can share views of how to have handled this in a different way, better or worse is only for time to tell.
I was working as an administrative executive in a Indian company based in Delhi, it is not big like Tata, but is not small to be ignored, has close to 500 white collar employees and about 3000 blue collar workers. The purpose of telling this is to highlight, that I was one of the thousands in the company, this was in 2006 and my salary was merely 10 K per month. I had 2 kids, 1 and 3 at that time and suddenly I got a call one day that my husband who was working in a large multinational died in a car accident, and since he was not wearing the seat belt, that company could only help by way of getting the life insurance money, which wasn’t too much help as we were in a home loan which had just started about 2 years ago.


  • Traded Myself for my Family
  • I am pregnant, so I’m tactfully forced to resign
  • Said no to sexual demands, instead of assistance, I am being told I was doing this for fun
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